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Brunswick Tennis Club president Julianne Hill, believes volunteering is about carrying on a legacy that someone else has already started.
Camera IconBrunswick Tennis Club president Julianne Hill, believes volunteering is about carrying on a legacy that someone else has already started. Credit: Nicolette Barbas

Sitting outside the Brunswick tennis courts on a Thursday afternoon painting a hopscotch course for the children in the town, Julianne Hill is in her element.

“This patch of bitumen has been empty for some time now so my husband and I thought let’s create some activities children in the town can come and enjoy,” Julianne said.

President of the Brunswick Tennis Club, Harvey Agricultural Advisory Council member and vice-president at the Brunswick Agricultural society are just a few of the titles Julianne holds.

But volunteering is second nature to the 51-year-old.

“I’ve been volunteering most of my life,” Julianne said.

“When we were kids my parents taught us to always help out wherever we could and now I just love being so involved.

“My husband and I moved to Brunswick around nine years ago and I wanted to give back to the community who were so welcoming towards us, so I joined the tennis club.”

On October 18, Julianne was awarded the Volunteer Achievement Award at the 2019 WA Tennis Industry Awards.

“Tanya Musitano nominated me before I even knew about it, and when I was announced as the winner, she was absoultely beside herself,” Julianne said.

“Initially I was not nervous at all because I thought there was absolutely no way I would win, so when my name was called I was absolutely shocked.

“Volunteering is not about me, it’s about carrying on a legacy that someone else has already started.

“There is a long history of people volunteering here at this club and I want to make sure I leave it in a better place for the next person to carry on, because I won’t be here forever.”

When she isn’t out giving her time to the community, Julianne is working full time as a contractor to the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

“I work with grain growers in the Wheatbelt from Yuna out to Southern Cross,” she said.

“The best part of my job is seeing farmers and working with them.

“I think as a farmer and someone that has grown up on a farm, I can really relate to and understand them.

“As I have gotten older and my kids have grown up, one of my favourite things about volunteering is working with other kids, especially in my day to day job. I usually take 10-15 first year uni students on the road with me when I work with farmers, and I love working with them and showing them the opportunities that are available.

Being on the committee for the Brunswick Show, Julianne has introduced a Youth Hub for this year’s show.

“With the theme of the show being ‘Youth in Agriculture’ I thought it was fitting we introduce a space for the youth to learn more about the future of agriculture and show them what is available, and I am hoping this youth hub will do just that.

“We will also be hosting a youth ag challenge for the first time ever which I can promise you will be stacks of fun.”

With the tennis season now open, Julianne said her award could not have come at a better time.

“Over the last summer we managed to build up our numbers and had more than 80 kids join up,” she said.

“Hopefully this award will bring more junior players to our club which is the only sporting club in Brunswick for juniors.

“It is so rewarding to be a part of the club and I hope to continue the legacy that past committee members have created.”

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