Bunbury rescue joey becomes best friends with gosling, puppy

Bunbury Herald
VideoMolly the rescue joey has taken a shining to Lucy the gosling and a young puppy owned by her adopted family in the South West.

A young rescue joey in the South West is getting along just fine after losing its mother to a car crash recently.

Molly is being cared for by a family in Bunbury and recently took a trip to Dawesville while her carers were away where she met Lucy the gosling, also just a few weeks old, and a puppy.

The Bunbury Herald is told Molly has a tendency to lick everything, including Lucy.

“We had just given Molly a bottle when Lucy came and snuggled up next to her.”

“She didn’t mind”

VideoMolly is a very affectionate little joey rescued by a Bunbury resident. The young roo has taken a shining to Lucy the gosling.

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